Welcome to the den of Nordic Spearos. Even though this noble sport is usually assosiated with warm and blue waters of the mediterranean and tropical seas, there are thousands of skillfull spearos hunting the fish in the challenging chilly Nordic waters. The nordic spearfishing culture is strong - building on big competitions, challenging conditions and comraderie!

Each country has its characteristics and different fishspecies making the hunting experience very diverse - and winning spearfishing competitions in Finland, Denmark and Norway - could be as diverse as winning competions in achery, speedskating and boxing!

This web-page is dedicated to the Nordic spearfishing society and especially to their yearly highlight of the season: the Nordic Championships. These pages contain information about the history of the competion, the upcoming (and past) events and the sponsors.

Here are the current Nordic Champs.

3. Kim Westergaard (DEN), 1. Johan Wedel Nielsen (DEN) and 2. Thomas Brogaard (DEN).

This is what we are fighting for!